Melbourne’s new ‘School of Life’.

I was very excited to read about the new venture in Melbourne run by ‘Small Giants’ in association with philosopher Alain de Botton’s ‘School of Life’ in the UK. Classes start in January 2013 and I will be booking one or two very soon! I came across this interesting opportunity reading the article in last weekend’s ‘Good Weekend magazine de botton

Melbourne is hosting the first classes of this sort outside of the UK, due to De Botton’s high opinion of Melbourne’s literary population & their high uptake of ideas, festivals & other literary/philosophical events. Similar I imagine to our gaining The Wheeler Centre for Ideas & the UN stamping of Melbourne as a city of books….I like the notion that wisdom about how to live in the best way possible is not just learnt via (hard) experience but can be transmitted through the classroom…we don’t have to all reinvent the wheel just as scientists (for example) don’t all have to rediscover Newton’s Laws of Gravity… I also like the plan to make these classes affordable & non elitists…will let you know how they stack up once I have attended one!


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