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2012 – My Year at the Movies

1. The Separation
2. A Little Bit of Heaven
3. The Artist
4. Shame
5. Ides of March
6. A Dangerous Game
7. The Help
8. The Burning Man
9. Late Bloomers
10. I am You
11. Carnage
12. 50/50
13. Contagion
14. I don’t know how she does it
15. New Years Eve
16. Le Havre
17. The Exotic Marigold Hotel
18. Margin Call
19. Bel Ami
20. Where do we go now?
21. A Royal affair
22. Barrymore
23. Lore
24. Monsier Lahzar
25. The Sapphires
26. Argo
27. Skyfall
28. Warhorse
29. Les Miserables

My favourites were ‘The Burning Man’, ‘A Royal Affair’ and ‘Monsier Lahzar’.
But I enjoyed every single one of them!


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The Melbourne Festival – part 2 …Film – The Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story

What a powerful documentary, re-enacted cleverly so that once again we come face to face with the waste & devastation of war…..I loved the idea that when one holds a book in your hand you are holding the hand of man – the writer & all the history which goes into creating either a piece of fiction or fact. And what terrible sadness flowed from the knowledge that centuries of tolerance between many ethnicities & religions was wiped out by greed & hatred from a few in such a brief time. Two million books were destroyed before Bosnia, Serbia & Croatia finally signed a declaration of peace at the end of 1995….thankfully over 10,000 books & manuscripts were saved through the bravery & hard work of a few.

Walking back to the tram after watching such a harrowing & gripping movie, I was struck by the peace & beauty of our own state library…how distressing it would be to lose our store of books documenting our much shorter history….

The film reinforced my feeling that Geraldine Brook’s fascinating & powerful novel, ‘People of the Book’, was inspired by this true story/incident.

 I have referenced an excellent blog with some good pictures of both the movie & Sarajevo in all its beauty (a naturally picturesque setting) & ugliness ( after nearly 4 years of war)

The Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story.

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