2012 – My Year at the Movies

1. The Separation
2. A Little Bit of Heaven
3. The Artist
4. Shame
5. Ides of March
6. A Dangerous Game
7. The Help
8. The Burning Man
9. Late Bloomers
10. I am You
11. Carnage
12. 50/50
13. Contagion
14. I don’t know how she does it
15. New Years Eve
16. Le Havre
17. The Exotic Marigold Hotel
18. Margin Call
19. Bel Ami
20. Where do we go now?
21. A Royal affair
22. Barrymore
23. Lore
24. Monsier Lahzar
25. The Sapphires
26. Argo
27. Skyfall
28. Warhorse
29. Les Miserables

My favourites were ‘The Burning Man’, ‘A Royal Affair’ and ‘Monsier Lahzar’.
But I enjoyed every single one of them!


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